January 2020 Edition

Artist Focus

Jacqueline McAbery

A focus on the art of Jacqueline McAbery

As Joseph Campbell once said, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.”

Jacqueline McAbery has gone back and forth between living in cities and in the country. She has gained something from each environment, but she now feels very fortunate to live on the coast in Northern California with her herd of rescued horses.The Edge, oil on linen panel, 8 x 10"

Brewing, oil on linen panel, 37/8 x 8"

“Wherever I look I am surrounded by nature and that is what I want my paintings to be about—respect and love of nature, which still inspires awe,” she says.

McAbery started her creative career as a photographer. During this period she became acutely aware that once the shutter was clicked, she had caught or froze a moment in time, and this has carried over into her paintings.

“My desire is to try to portray my first fleeting impression of what I am seeing,” she says. “I wish to share with others the essence and beauty of that moment.”

Often McAbery paints things that are ephemeral such as flowers and clouds from life—either in plein air or in her studio using a variety of media such as oil and pastel. She is drawn to subjects that radiate color and light, such as dramatic sunsets and landscapes as well as simple still lifes.Bodega Bay, pastel on pastel premier paper, 8½ x 11½"

McAbery is also known for her insatiable curiosity and desire to keep growing and learning about the act and process of painting. As a psychotherapist and art therapist, she strongly believes in the healing power of art.

She explains, “As the world is becoming more chaotic, I wish [for] my paintings to give the viewer a moment of respite and a reminder that the world still contains beauty.”

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