October 2021

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American Art Collector returns with its 11th annual Collector's Focus: Planes, Trains & Automobiles in the October issue. A number of artists from across the globe have turned to transportation to fuel new ideas for masterpieces featuring vintage cars to steam engines to aircrafts. This special section offers a sampling of leading artists and galleries that represent this genre, showcasing some of the distinct plane, train and automobile art available today.
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American Art Collector is excited to present our 6th annual special section devoted to the glorious colors of fall, the hope of a bountiful harvest and the arrival of autumn with Visions of the Fall in the October issue. This time of a year, when nature turns with the season, is a popular subject matter for many artists, who thrive on the abundance of new colors and the dip to cooler temperatures before winter. Whether their settings are in breezy desert canyons with clusters of yellowing tree leaves or up in the higher country where leaves shift from brilliant golds to deep reds, or even on farms where the last haul of the season is coming in, artists have depicted autumn and its abundant harvest in a variety of ways.
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October marks American Art Collector’s 16th annual Art Lover’s Guide to Collecting Fine Art in Charleston! Our guide will provide up-to-date information on one of the nation's most picturesque art destinations. The galleries found throughout downtown showcase local, regional and national artists' works that include landscapes, Lowcountry, realism, contemporary, abstract and sculpture. There are also a number of established artists that have set up their studios in the city. 
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Additional Distribution

  • Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional Exhibition (Media Sponsor)
  • Oil Painters of America's Western Regional Exhibition (Media Sponsor)
  • Boston Design Week, Boston, MA (Media Sponsor)
  • Scottsdale ArtWalk, Scottsdale, AZ (Media Sponsor)
  • Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (Media Sponsor)
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